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Help with challenging a will


We provide specialist legal assistance to people challenging a will or where there is a dispute about a will. We are also able to contest a will and assist where someone has died and there is not a will. We are often able to use a “no win no fee” agreement to represent clients who are challenging a will. However, not all disputes about wills can be funded under a “no win no fee” agreement and this has to be considered on a case by case basis.

Types of cases where we can help


We have experience of both contesting a will and defending wills and an impressive track record of winning substantial amounts for our clients. The most common reasons for challenging a will are :


  • The will is unfair and does not make adequate provision for someone For example, your husband or partner may have died leaving most of his money to his children from a previous marriage. Or your parents may have left most of their money to your siblings (or to charity) even though they supported you financially when you were alive. Bringing a claim against the estate by challenging the will may be the best way for you to obtain your fair share.





  • A beneficiary is missing or cannot be found A will might, for example, have left a bequest to the “children of the deceased” but you may not know where the children are located or indeed even how many children the deceased had. Expert advice can prevent later challenges to a will and help Executors carry out their duties appropriately and without the risk of someone later challenging the will.


  • The meaning of a clause in the will is not clear Some wills contain clauses that are ambiguous and you may need expert advice on what the will actually says. Sometimes an Application to the Court is necessary when the ambiguity cannot be resolved by agreement.


  • A solicitor or will writer has been negligent Sometimes the person who drafted a will has been negligent. For example, the will might not have been signed and witnessed properly and the correct formalities may not have been complied with. Or the will may be so poorly drafted that a bequest does not go to the person it was intended for.


What will it cost?

Many cases involving a challenge to a will can be funded under a “no win no fee” agreement and we are pleased to enter into a “no win no fee” agreement in appropriate cases.

However, there are some cases that cannot be funded in this way due to their particular circumstances. In these cases we are either paid for the time we spend (an hourly rate) or we agree fixed fees with the client.

We will discuss with you at the outset the options for how the case can be funded and whether a “no win no fee” agreement or a partial “no win no fee” agreement is an option.


Contact us

If you are involved in a dispute about a will, want to challenge a will or are an Executor where there are complex legal issues, please telephone us on 020 8541 1181020 8541 1181 or email mail@sheridanlaw.co.uk to see if we are able to help.


Who do we represent?


We help people who are thinking about contesting a will

We also help Executors who are administering an estate where there may be a challenge to the will

We help people who are defending a will

We help where there is not a will and difficult issues arise

We help people who need
contentious probate solicitors

We also help Executors who are dealing with complicated issues in probate. This often relates to tax or to potential disputes by beneficiaries


Due to the high demand for our services, we will usually only take on cases where


  1. the amount in dispute is over £500,000,

  2. there are complex legal issues or important issues of principle at stake, or

  3. the person we are acting for is in genuine need.

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